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Tulameen Raspberry

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This extraordinary introduction from British Columbia produces enormous, light red, aromatic fruit with a wonderful flavor. Besides berries that are 25% bigger than Meeker, Tulameen uniquely extends the summer raspberry season through July and August, producing for up to 50 days. It is a great find for backyard growers who can provide well drained soil.

USDA Zone: 6-9

Grow Height:  5' (Small)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July

Pollination: Self Fertile

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Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • When do I prune Tulameen raspberries in USDA zone - 8B(Spanaway, WA)?

    Raspberry pruning is best done after harvest in the summertime while the weather is dry.

  • Forgive my ignorance. Does Raspberry grow on Vines or a bush (like Blueberry)? Can it grow vertically on Trellis?

    Raspberries grow on canes! They are usually trained with a raspberry trellis that keeps them from flopping over when they get to their maximum height (about 9 feet).

  • Do these raspberries have thorns? I'm trying to find a thornless variety. Thanks!!

    The only true thornless we carry is Raspberry Shortcake!

  • Thanks for this question option! How much space should I allow between each raspberry cane? I am thinking Tulameen and maybe a gold raspberry. I have a bed that is about 11 feet long and 3 feet deep. Also, if I wanted to add a marionberry in this bed, how much space should I allow for that? Thanks!

    Raspberries about be placed 2-3 feet apart, while Marionberry is a vine and requires trellising

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Best Raspberry I have ever had

I have grown Tulameen for about 20 years now. Fantastic fruit with great flavor. Canes get to 9+ feet so set up your wires/trellis. Thinning canes can be and issue because you want the fruit they will produce the next season. ;) I will never have a row of raspberries again without at least one of these.

Natalia V.
None out of 10 have buds

Appear that they will not take on
Unfortunately in the last few years have bad luck
I am buying from your nursery for more than 15 years
But recently loosing money as replacements didn’t take as well
If this time it won’t take on
I will never buy again
I am experienced gardener and know well how to grow


We received our tulemeen raspberries 2 weeks ago, the ground was still frozen every night.hum?Why were they sent so early?

Jerry N.
Tulameen Raspberries

The canes were really good this year; larger stems and root systems than last year. These are my favorite raspberries by far. I am having mixed success growing them because good drainage is a problem in my yard. If these berries get wet feet you will get root rot and all is lost. I am going to be building a raised bed with a bottom elevated above the ground. This is the only way to assure proper drainage.

Wayne W.W.
Great Berries

Have grown these for 20+ years now with 3 15 -24 rows in my backyard. The flavor is great and the fruit are large and plentiful. Have only added a few plants since the first planting. Only problems I have had are with red-neck cane bore beetles. The beetles are finally in hand and the plants are really bouncing back fast.