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Bardsey Apple

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This amazing apple comes from the windswept Bardsey Island off the coast of Wales. The tree grows in a protected area right next to a house protected from sea winds and salt spray. The tree flowers early in the season. The fruit is pink striped over a yellow base and is picked in Wales in late September and stored until November. The fruit appears to be scab free while growing in a very scabby orchard in North Wales. These characteristics make it a candidate to do well in maritime climates in the U.S. Bardsey Island has long been associated with religious activity. Pre-Roman Celts visited the Island to pray and often to die on this most western isle and during early Christian times Bardsey was a place of pilgrimage. Three trips to Bardsey Island were said to equal a pilgrimage to Rome. Anybody buried on Bardsey was said to be guaranteed eternal salvation. Because of this, some people today think the Bardsey Apple could be connected to the mystical power of the island. Raintree is working with Permacultural landscaper Bruce Weiskotten to introduce this apple to American gardeners. A royalty on each apple sold will be returned to the apple's developers on Bardsey Island.

USDA Zone: 5-9

Grow Height: 5' (Mini Dwarf), 12' (Dwarf), 25' (Standard)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: September

Pollination: Needs a Pollinizer

Mini-Dwarf Rootstock: M27

Dwarf Rootstock: EMLA 26

Standard Rootstock: Antanovka

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