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Check our Help Center for updates on Spring shipping dates!

Paw Paw Trees

Asimina triloba

A tropical-style fruit that grows in temperate locations! This small tree, which sports the largest fruits native to North America, grows to 10' tall in the cooler Pacific Northwest; in warmer and/or humid summer locations it can grow to 25' tall, with long, luxuriant, teardrop leaves. It produces greenish, usually oblong fruit 3 to 6 inches long with a pulp that tastes like vanilla/banana custard. We offer improved selections that have fewer seeds, better flavor, earlier ripening and the standardization of quality that grafted trees provide. 

Once established, these amazing and unique trees can be reliable producers of fruit not found in any store! To help get them established in your region, please consult our paw paw Growing Guide.

  • $27.99

    Wabash® Paw Paw

    Asimina triloba 'Wabash'® Named after "Wabash Cannonball", due to the unusual round shape to the large fruits! Enjoy good production of 8-12 oz fru...

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    Sunflower Paw Paw

    Asimina triloba 'Sunflower'One of the rare partially self-fertile paw paw varieties! A well-known and exceptionally hardy northern selection from K...

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  • from $27.99

    Susquehanna® Paw Paw

    Asimina triloba 'Susquehanna' Breeders' favorite, due to its large fruit size, few seeds, rich and sweet paw paw flavor, and firm but melting textu...

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    from $27.99